The Best Way To Experience Michigan


Michigan is beautiful, and I don’t mean Detroit, but the state as a whole. Many people come here to experience the city and its motoring industry. But it’s a sad thing to visit this state for its most significant city only as it has many other beautiful things for everyone.

I can’t say that I saw everything that Michigan can offer, but I can say that every place I visited and everything I did was excellent. I return to this state on an annual basis and if you visit it once, then you will do that as well.

Wonderful locations throughout Michigan

Laughing WhitefishThis state has everything you need to spend a wonderful time, no matter whether you are a fan of the beach or forest and mountains.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is home to more than 200 waterfalls. Some of them are plain and uninteresting, while others are beautiful creations of nature. You will want to visit those that are interesting, and Michigan map of waterfalls will help you in that. My suggestion to anyone who wants to see amazing waterfalls is to visit Miners, Laughing Whitefish, Bond and Tahquamenon waterfalls.

Those that are into walking or cycling can choose one of many trails in Michigan. The majority of those will take you to some beautiful places from which you can enjoy in the view. I am not a fan of cycling, but the walk through nature was refreshing.

William-Livingstone-Memorial-LightA thing you should also visit is the Michigan State University as it is home to 4-H Children’s Garden. Don’t avoid this if you aren’t a fan of flowers because you will enjoy the tour. This place contains several gardens that are full of various flowers as well as other stuff like beautiful wind chimes and so on.

Au Sable Light Station is one of the better-known lighthouses in Michigan. If you aren’t too far from Detroit, then you should also visit William Livingstone Memorial Light. This one is the only marble lighthouse in the USA. It is also one of two lighthouses whose purpose is to be a memorial.

Explore The Nature Of Michigan Via The Mushroom Festival


The state of Michigan has many things to offer, and environment might be one that is underrated. My travels aren’t just focused on festivals and partying throughout the night. I also love to check out other types of events that celebrate various things.

Exploring nature is something I love. It shows the beauty of the world and many places are worth every minute of your time. I went to Michigan several times, and that gave me the chance to explore its nature events that celebrate it.

Big Mushroom festival in Michigan

Mushroom-festivalThis state is the home of one of the most significant mushroom events in the region. It gathers hundreds of nature enthusiasts that come to Mesick to search for mushrooms. This festival connects people who love nature and all of its products.

This event revolves around the hunt for mushrooms, but it isn’t restricted to that. It is much more than a gathering of mushroom hunters. The event offers foods of all kinds to all the visitors, both those that go into nature and those that come for games and concerts.

This festival celebrates nature and its beauty, and thus the most important annual event during it is the Mud Bogg. People of all ages gather and throw mud at each other, and this helps to lift the atmosphere to a whole new level.

Morel mushrooms – A delicious and elusive treat

Morel-mushroomsMorels are tasty, and they make an excellent addition to any meal. They are also quite elusive, and that makes them attractive to many mushroom hunters. Now, this elusiveness comes from the fact that they don’t have a preferred soil in which they like to grow. Almost all mushrooms have one, but Morels aren’t like that.

Many amateur hunters avoid Morels due to this, but I find the challenge more appealing. The joy of finding a Morel is something everyone needs to experience. Connect that with a big event like the Mushroom Festival, and you get to spend a lot of time among people who appreciate the effort poured into Morel hunt.


Michigan – A State Where Party Never Ends


I like places that offer many different and unique ways to party and Michigan might be the best when it comes to that. Detroit, as well as many other big cities in Michigan, has excellent nightlife, but that isn’t something that makes me want to visit a place on multiple occasions. No, what matters are festival and special events that diversify the way you can party in a place.

The whole Michigan is full of various festivals that offer a unique way to spend your time. Many of these events include music and themes that will help you enjoy your time. And this is what a traveler like I am wants.

Events that will make regular parties seem boring

You might not believe it, but the most famous Michigan festival focuses on tulips as it celebrates the most significant export of the Holland. The theme of this festival is Holland and its heritage. This festival is packed with various events that involve traditional Dutch dresses, Dutch dance as well as concerts of famous artists and parades. This is one event every traveler should visit if they visit Michigan.NIghtlife

Michigan Elvisfest is another event where you can party all night. This is an annual festival that pays respect to the great Elvis Presley. Tribute artists from all around the world come to this event to show off their Elvis impersonation skills. If you like Elvis and dancing to the best of his tribute artists, then this is a festival for you.

Theatre Bizarre is a unique event that everyone visits on multiple occasions. It involves a masquerade ball along with carnival that is always packed full of various side events. You just can’t guess what the next thing will be and that is a beauty of this festival. I was a skeptic on my first visit, but I returned several times after that, and that shows how great this event is.

The simplest way to party in Michigan is to find great clubs over one of many applications that allow you to do so. Or just take a stroll through one of the big cities, and you will find a great place to drink. However, be careful not to party too much or it can lead to alcohol addiction problems. If that is the case you can always visit one of the best alcohol recovery facilities in Ohio at


Michigan – The State Everyone Wants To Visit


I have spent a lot of time in Michigan, and I always return to this state. It has many exciting events throughout the year, and that keeps pulling me back to it. I travel to Michigan every year to visit some of the events I came to like over several visits.

I didn’t just visit Detroit, even though many great things happen in it. Other parts of the state are also interesting, and a lot happens to them, so you shouldn’t forget that. But, I spent the majority of my time in Detroit as it is the center of everything important that happens in Michigan.

Andy Warhol’s American Icons – A reason to leave Detroit behind

Andy-WarholAndy Warhol isn’t just the icon of Michigan, but also one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.  He was the reason many people took another look at the popular culture, and his followers are changing the same as he did. Andy Warhol’s American Icons is an exhibition that showcases the popular culture of the USA. If you choose to visit this exhibit, then you will be able to see and read about many great people like Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Kennedy. You will also be able to see Coca-Cola, Superman, and other products that represented the popular culture of the previous century.

Detroit – Where everything happens

DecemberDecember is a month when the whole Michigan comes alive. The city is lit with millions of lights that celebrate the end of the current and the onset of the next year. Many events happen throughout the month, and the majority of them are perfect for families. Many Christmas decorations are set so that you can take your family on a sightseeing tour.

What I liked a lot in the Detroit is the Youmacon. This isn’t an event like Comicon as it covers many more things. It is a simple showcase of the Japanese popular culture. It doesn’t focus on circles that produce goods, but on various things that represent the Japanese culture. This includes everything from cosplay to games and other forms of art.

Keep on reading my posts for more info about excellent things that Michigan has to offer.