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Explore The Nature Of Michigan Via The Mushroom Festival


The state of Michigan has many things to offer, and environment might be one that is underrated. My travels aren’t just focused on festivals and partying throughout the night. I also love to check out other types of events that celebrate various things.

Exploring nature is something I love. It shows the beauty of the world and many places are worth every minute of your time. I went to Michigan several times, and that gave me the chance to explore its nature events that celebrate it.

Big Mushroom festival in Michigan

Mushroom-festivalThis state is the home of one of the most significant mushroom events in the region. It gathers hundreds of nature enthusiasts that come to Mesick to search for mushrooms. This festival connects people who love nature and all of its products.

This event revolves around the hunt for mushrooms, but it isn’t restricted to that. It is much more than a gathering of mushroom hunters. The event offers foods of all kinds to all the visitors, both those that go into nature and those that come for games and concerts.

This festival celebrates nature and its beauty, and thus the most important annual event during it is the Mud Bogg. People of all ages gather and throw mud at each other, and this helps to lift the atmosphere to a whole new level.

Morel mushrooms – A delicious and elusive treat

Morel-mushroomsMorels are tasty, and they make an excellent addition to any meal. They are also quite elusive, and that makes them attractive to many mushroom hunters. Now, this elusiveness comes from the fact that they don’t have a preferred soil in which they like to grow. Almost all mushrooms have one, but Morels aren’t like that.

Many amateur hunters avoid Morels due to this, but I find the challenge more appealing. The joy of finding a Morel is something everyone needs to experience. Connect that with a big event like the Mushroom Festival, and you get to spend a lot of time among people who appreciate the effort poured into Morel hunt.