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Michigan – A State Where Party Never Ends


I like places that offer many different and unique ways to party and Michigan might be the best when it comes to that. Detroit, as well as many other big cities in Michigan, has excellent nightlife, but that isn’t something that makes me want to visit a place on multiple occasions. No, what matters are festival and special events that diversify the way you can party in a place.

The whole Michigan is full of various festivals that offer a unique way to spend your time. Many of these events include music and themes that will help you enjoy your time. And this is what a traveler like I am wants.

Events that will make regular parties seem boring

You might not believe it, but the most famous Michigan festival focuses on tulips as it celebrates the most significant export of the Holland. The theme of this festival is Holland and its heritage. This festival is packed with various events that involve traditional Dutch dresses, Dutch dance as well as concerts of famous artists and parades. This is one event every traveler should visit if they visit Michigan.NIghtlife

Michigan Elvisfest is another event where you can party all night. This is an annual festival that pays respect to the great Elvis Presley. Tribute artists from all around the world come to this event to show off their Elvis impersonation skills. If you like Elvis and dancing to the best of his tribute artists, then this is a festival for you.

Theatre Bizarre is a unique event that everyone visits on multiple occasions. It involves a masquerade ball along with carnival that is always packed full of various side events. You just can’t guess what the next thing will be and that is a beauty of this festival. I was a skeptic on my first visit, but I returned several times after that, and that shows how great this event is.

The simplest way to party in Michigan is to find great clubs over one of many applications that allow you to do so. Or just take a stroll through one of the big cities, and you will find a great place to drink. However, be careful not to party too much or it can lead to alcohol addiction problems. If that is the case you can always visit one of the best alcohol recovery facilities in Ohio at https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/local-rehab-resources/ohio/