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The Best Way To Experience Michigan


Michigan is beautiful, and I don’t mean Detroit, but the state as a whole. Many people come here to experience the city and its motoring industry. But it’s a sad thing to visit this state for its most significant city only as it has many other beautiful things for everyone.

I can’t say that I saw everything that Michigan can offer, but I can say that every place I visited and everything I did was excellent. I return to this state on an annual basis and if you visit it once, then you will do that as well.

Wonderful locations throughout Michigan

Laughing WhitefishThis state has everything you need to spend a wonderful time, no matter whether you are a fan of the beach or forest and mountains.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is home to more than 200 waterfalls. Some of them are plain and uninteresting, while others are beautiful creations of nature. You will want to visit those that are interesting, and Michigan map of waterfalls will help you in that. My suggestion to anyone who wants to see amazing waterfalls is to visit Miners, Laughing Whitefish, Bond and Tahquamenon waterfalls.

Those that are into walking or cycling can choose one of many trails in Michigan. The majority of those will take you to some beautiful places from which you can enjoy in the view. I am not a fan of cycling, but the walk through nature was refreshing.

William-Livingstone-Memorial-LightA thing you should also visit is the Michigan State University as it is home to 4-H Children’s Garden. Don’t avoid this if you aren’t a fan of flowers because you will enjoy the tour. This place contains several gardens that are full of various flowers as well as other stuff like beautiful wind chimes and so on.

Au Sable Light Station is one of the better-known lighthouses in Michigan. If you aren’t too far from Detroit, then you should also visit William Livingstone Memorial Light. This one is the only marble lighthouse in the USA. It is also one of two lighthouses whose purpose is to be a memorial.