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Michigan – The State Everyone Wants To Visit


I have spent a lot of time in Michigan, and I always return to this state. It has many exciting events throughout the year, and that keeps pulling me back to it. I travel to Michigan every year to visit some of the events I came to like over several visits.

I didn’t just visit Detroit, even though many great things happen in it. Other parts of the state are also interesting, and a lot happens to them, so you shouldn’t forget that. But, I spent the majority of my time in Detroit as it is the center of everything important that happens in Michigan.

Andy Warhol’s American Icons – A reason to leave Detroit behind

Andy-WarholAndy Warhol isn’t just the icon of Michigan, but also one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.  He was the reason many people took another look at the popular culture, and his followers are changing the same as he did. Andy Warhol’s American Icons is an exhibition that showcases the popular culture of the USA. If you choose to visit this exhibit, then you will be able to see and read about many great people like Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali and Jackie Kennedy. You will also be able to see Coca-Cola, Superman, and other products that represented the popular culture of the previous century.

Detroit – Where everything happens

DecemberDecember is a month when the whole Michigan comes alive. The city is lit with millions of lights that celebrate the end of the current and the onset of the next year. Many events happen throughout the month, and the majority of them are perfect for families. Many Christmas decorations are set so that you can take your family on a sightseeing tour.

What I liked a lot in the Detroit is the Youmacon. This isn’t an event like Comicon as it covers many more things. It is a simple showcase of the Japanese popular culture. It doesn’t focus on circles that produce goods, but on various things that represent the Japanese culture. This includes everything from cosplay to games and other forms of art.

Keep on reading my posts for more info about excellent things that Michigan has to offer.